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Transparent information

We have a comprehensive amount of data on all of Shanghai’s housing related aspects, from region, room type, price and more to give you the best possible selection according to your needs. All the photos of the houses are taken by our own staff on the spot to ensure authenticity. So when using our website you do not even have to leave the comfort of your current home to view your future home.


We check all homes in advance and with our due diligence we'll weed out properties with hidden risks or a bad record, ensuring expats are safe and secure in their new home and reducing worries for you and your company.


Unlike other real estate agencies, Maxviewrealty provides in addition to accompanied housing search other value added services such as maintenance, network services, lifestyle service, which are all provided by our awesome support staff. We are not only a housing agent, we are a lifestyle choice.


Our Portfolio

Personalized house hunting

Customized according to your needs and requirements

Visa and Immigration

We cover all aspects of the immigration and visa procedure

With your family

Provide full and complete information on Shanghai’s international schools, to better make informed decisions for your children’s education.

There’s only one thing you need to do

Find a satisfactory home on our website, contact us and let us know your additional requests and requirement and we will find you your dream home.

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Tel: +86 21 3251 8500

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Crystal Pavilion posted 2017-11-09
Regents Park posted 2017-11-09
Huaihai M. Rd posted 2017-11-09
Yuyuan Rd posted 2017-11-09
Oriental Manhattan posted 2017-11-09
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